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Prairie Gold, Inc. is a technology and development company with a portfolio of patented technologies related to production of high-value products from corn. The company’s mission is to provide ethanol producers with a diversified mix of products in order to withstand the fluctuations in ethanol and corn prices by developing new technologies and high-value coproducts from what is normally the low-value feed portion of the corn. Our bioproducts include whole kernel corn oil, corn germ oil, corn proteins such as zein and germ proteins, and xanthophylls. These are extracted from corn at the front end of a dry-grind or wet mill corn plant. This preserves the quality and value of the end-products unlike those produced by back-end operations where the corn has undergone major processing and perhaps lost a number of desirable attributes.

Our proprietary technology uses in-house ethanol and water in various combinations to extract desirable components. We use cutting edge low-energy technology to separate and purify the bioproducts. This allows us to return the ethanol solvent back to the plant, resulting in no loss of ethanol from the plant. In addition, our process results in no loss of starch or fiber, which is a major benefit and quite different from many “fractionation” technologies currently being promoted. An added benefit to our technology is that it increases DDGS protein quality, improves DDGS drying efficiency, increases fermentor capacity and lowers emissions from the plant, all while simultaneously adding significant revenue from new products but with no additional feedstock or raw material cost. While our initial focus is on zein of high quality and consistency, we also have nutritionally unique whole kernel oil and are moving rapidly to develop methods to extract corn germ oil from dry-milled corn at a cost comparable to hexane extraction.

Class I, division 1 pilot plant

Prairie Gold will develop alliances with ethanol companies to incorporate its technology in their plants. We will also work closely with our customers to develop novel uses with our unique bioproducts. Recently, Prairie Gold completed its technology scale-up in a Class I, Division I pilot plant facility replicating our technology and completing the scale-up process prior to commercialization. It was located adjacent to a 100 million gallon/year ethanol plant in Northern Illinois and enjoyed shared utilities, feedstock and material handling capabilities. The facility had space for vendor demonstrations and we were able to provide product samples to end users for further market development.

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Prairie Gold’s team of people has expanded since its founding in 2006 and now has a combined 55 years+ experience in corn processing, ethanol production, bio-separations, new product development, protein technology, vegetable oils and related disciplines. We utilize the services of world-renowned engineering companies and consultants to enhance our capabilities.

For further information about Prairie Gold, contact its President, Philip Shane, at the address below.

Prairie Gold, Inc.
501 S. Towanda Barnes Rd
Suite 4
Bloomington, IL 61705

Ph. 309-661-4280

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